Friday, January 27, 2017

Forgetting God’s Power

Mark 8:11-21

“And the Pharisees came forth, and began to question with him, seeking of him a sign from heaven, tempting him.  And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation.  And he left them, and entering into the ship again departed to the other side.” (Mark 8:11-13)

When Jesus came into the populous area known as Dalmanutha, the religious leaders came out to meet him asking him for some sign from heaven in an attempt to discredit him, much like the liberal media interviewing a conservative candidate.  Jesus knew they were not going to take what he said seriously, and asked why they kept demanding a sign.  They had had many miraculous signs that other people would have accepted readily.  God was not going to give them some special sign that only they could understand, such as the handwriting on the wall in Daniel.  Rather than waste time arguing with them or trying to convince them, Jesus got into a boat and started for the other side.    

“Now the disciples had forgotten to take bread, neither had they in the ship with them more than one loaf.  And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod.  And they reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have no bread.” (Mark 8:14-16)

The disciples had had seven baskets of food left after feeding the four thousand,and had brought some of it with them.  They had eaten it on the way to Dalmanutha and while they were there,    As a result, the disciples probably didn’t think about needing more food until they got on another boat to cross the sea.  When Jesus warned them to avoid the leaven of the Pharisees, they remembered they had eaten all they had and assumed he was scolding them for not having thought about getting more food. 

“And when Jesus knew it, he saith unto them, Why reason ye, because ye have no bread? perceive ye not yet, neither understand? have ye your heart yet hardened?  Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?  When I brake the five loaves among five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up?

They say unto him, Twelve.

And when the seven among four thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up?

And they said, Seven.

And he said unto them, How is it that ye do not understand?” (Matthew 8:17-21)

Jesus realized they thought he was upset with them for not remembering to get food.   He asked how they could not understand that he wasn’t concerned about having enough food.  Didn’t they remember what had happened before, how that when they had just had five pieces of bread and two fishes, there had been twelve baskets of food left over and the next time, just a couple of days earlier, they had only had seven pieces of bread, yet were able to feed four thousand and had seven baskets of food left over?   Both times they had far more left over than they started with. 

How often we as Christians make the same mistake the disciples did, panicking because we don’t have the money  to pay a bill or get something we think we need, and blame ourselves or God for the lack.  It is like we forgot everything he has done for us in the past, or we think he couldn’t do it again.   We need to think about what God has done for us in the past and thank him so we don’t forget.   We don’t need to worry.  He will not run out of power, nor will he forget about us.  


  1. Thank you for the reminder, Don... God has provided in the past, and He will continue to do so.